1.  Why should I consider this vehicle against a much less expensive but high mileage (fuel economy) compact gas powered car?

  • Competitive monthly lease rates + incentives make prices comparable
  • Significantly more economical to own and operate
  • Potentially more convenient to own and operate
  • Environmentally friendly
  • EVs are cool


2.  This seems like a very complex vehicle to own and operate

  • EVs are no different in most ways from a conventional car and actually much simpler to operate in many ways
  • Never visit a gas station again EVER
  • Never pay for an oil change or an air filter, drive belt, spark plug, transmission service again EVER
  • Fill up (charge) at home while you sleep


3.  Akkk! These vehicles are expensive to buy

  • Check local, regional, national incentives
  • Compare lease rates


4.  How much more will I pay on my utilities bill each month?

  • That's not the right question.  Let me give you a different perspective on this - How much do you currently spend on gas each week?
  • Now let's take a look at this calculation tool and see what we can save each month


5.  What?! I can't use my credit or debit cards at charging stations like I can at any gas station?  That's insane!  What on earth is a RFID?

  • Do I really need one for each system out there if I want to access to any charging station out there?


6.  How long do these batteries last?

  • A non-issue
  • Extended warranty - transferable
  • We don't really know how long they will last but in general they will outlast the warranty.
  • We are seeing Hybrid batteries going 300,000 miles and still running strong
  • What is the price of rebuilding a new engine on a gas vehicle?
  • About the same as replacing the battery on an EV - maybe more
  • A fact of car ownership is that sooner or later you owe it some money


7.  I live in an apartment building.  I may not be able to install a charger

  • Does your workplace offer charging?
  • Do you live near a level 3 charger/Kia dealership
  • Let's take a look at charging networks in your area
  • Let's see if there are apartment complexes that already have stations installed


8.  I want to make a difference in my environment however I am concerned about the environmental impact of creating the electricity used to generate power necessary to charge these vehicles

  • Independent studies have shown that even in areas where coal is the main generator of electricity the carbon foot print of the EV is still smaller


9.  I want to make a difference in my environment however I am concerned about the environmental impact of the Battery manufacturing process

  • While it is true that the rare earth elements required for battery manufacture currently carry an environmental impact it is not necessarily any larger than that mining the metals that go into creating a gasoline powered car
  • Manufacturers are aware of the problem and are actively involved in finding solutions


10. I want to make a difference in my environment however I am concerned about the environmental impact of Battery recycling.  Are they recyclable?

  • Yes - recycling is currenlty seen as a two-step process
  • Re-purposing - A battery with only 70% of its energy density intact is no longer practical for EV use but 70% is still a lot of energy that can be used to power a lot of things.  For example, it can power a house for short periods.
  • Recycling - Once a battery is no longer viable for repurposing it is fully recyclable
  • While this is not currently financially feasible it will be once the numbers of the batteries being retired appear in large enough numbers to make it so
  • There are companies and manufacturers who already have processes in place when that day comes
  • In the meantime these batteries are proving to have a very long life so that day may still be a long way off.


11. This vehicle only has a 100 mile range!?! Why would I want it?

  • How many miles do you typically put on your car every day?
  • How far is your commute?
  • Will this be your only vehicle or a second vehicle?


12. I am also considering the Chevy Bolt/Nissan Leaf both whom have a much greater range

  • Versatility
  • Refinement
  • Performance
  • Charge time
  • How long is your commute/How many miles do you drive in a day?

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